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Olive Oil

Olive Oil Flavor Profiles

CHOOSING THE RIGHT OIL WHEN THEY ALL TASTE THE SAME The flavor is largely overlooked by consumers, primarily because of the limited number of olive oil choices usually available. Olives are a seasonal crop. Olives for making oil are harvested slightly later than table olives for reasons relating to yield and flavor. The olive oil […]

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the olive bar campbell ca Olive Oil Flavor Profiles

Organic Olive Oil: Is It Better?

It is certainly possible and indeed desirable to produce certified organic olive oil that is at once high quality and reasonably priced. It should be emphasized that the US government makes no comment and takes no position whatsoever as to the relative benefits or harm that organic products may possess. The official US government position

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the olive bar campbell ca Organic Olive Oil

What Is Olive Oil?

Virgin olive oil is the only grade accepted by USDA as “olive oil.” The FDA defines olive oil as follows: “Olive oil is the edible oil expressed from the sound, mature fruit of the olive tree.” The refined or extracted oil is not entitled to the unqualified name “olive oil.” Crude lampante is made from

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