2 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil

Extra Pure and Healthy: A Primer on Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nothing is healthier than cooking your meals with extra virgin olive oil. While it is a generally more preferred option by some due to its health benefits, regular cooking oils remain part of the mainstream. This means that more people will lean towards the latter than the former, especially since extra virgin olive oil is not marketed as much as regular cooking oils in the media.

As with all things, however, just because something is mainstream doesn’t mean that it is healthier. Many of us grew up in households where regular cooking oils are the go-to choice for meals, not realizing the risk they impose on consistent consumption.

The mere fact that it is a generally accepted option places the general population at an unseen risk. As such, it would be good to familiarize yourself and spread the word about the incredible benefits of olive oil.

Before you can begin to do that, it’s essential to first learn more information about this beautiful production of nature:

How Are Olive Oils Made?

Olive oils are made by grinding the olives either by a manual or mechanical process. This is done in a strict manner to ensure that the end result would be of high quality. Even before the grinding process begins, the personnel responsible for the extraction would meticulously select ripe olives from the whole bunch, as selecting unripe or overripe ones would result in a bitter oil, something that can’t very much pass a quality check.

Can I Cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

You can either use olive oils as a dressing or as a cooking oil. The common misconception amongst people is that olive oils should only be used for salads and mixtures, ignoring the fact that they contain antioxidants and have a stable monounsaturated fatty acid, which are important factors that are missing from regular cooking oil.

These aforementioned qualities alone are the main reason your average cooking oils turn rancid over time. They do not have the nutrients within them that make them more organic and safe for continuous human consumption. With that said, it may be best to begin cooking with extra virgin olive oil!

What Other Things Can I Do with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

There are a couple of delicacies you can brighten up with a touch of olive oil. The following are just a few of the common examples:

  • Mix it in marinades to add a bit of flavor, as it enables the whole mixture to integrate better with the raw ingredient.
  • You can use it as a margarine substitute, well enough to make your morning pancakes healthier and tastier.
  • You can mix it in dips, adding a bit of seasoning to highlight the flavor.


Extra virgin olive oil is also a must-have for those who are hoping to experience a hearty meal that would not put your health at risk in the long run.  Your options are also unlimited when it comes to using olive oil.

Looking up recipes, you may find that the possibilities are endless, and your choices of delicacies are close to infinite.  You can create dips, marinades, dressings, and even seasonings. Utilize it regularly, come up with more delicious recipes, and see how your body benefits from its antioxidants and good fatty acids.

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