Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits and Advantages of Using it

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Benefits and Advantages of Using it

For some, olive oil can seem intimidating to cook with at first because of its distinct taste. However, the truth is, there is no “trick” to incorporating olive oil. There are many ways to include the oil in your favorite snacks and dishes and beyond the flavor, there are wonderful health benefits to be enjoyed. This type of oil has many beautiful properties, contains antioxidants, and can add a layer of flavor and taste to your dishes.

What Are The Types Of Olive Oil?

You may have heard about extra virgin olive oil, but there are many other types of olive oil available. Extra virgin olive oil is the finest type, and the most expensive because of its robust and strong flavor. Other types of olive oil are virgin olive oil and light virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is the most flavorful of the bunch. Virgin olive oil is made in the same way as its extra virgin counterpart, but it lacks a lot of the flavor that extra virgin olive oil has. You can use virgin olive oil in the same way, but you may notice that the flavor is not the same. Lastly, extra light olive oil is the type of olive oil that has the mildest out of the three types in terms of both color and flavor.

Benefits Of Cooking With Olive Oil

Olive oil has a ton of antioxidants and healthy fats that can help boost your immune system and increase heart health. It also contains Omega-9, which can help you increase your metabolism and help you digest fats more effectively.

One of the best things about cooking with extra virgin olive oil is that you don’t have to be afraid of adding too much to your dish because it is healthy. Using olive oil when cooking will add tastiness as well as increase the nutritional value of your dish. If you have been afraid to cook with other types of cooking oils, one of the best benefits of using extra virgin olive oil is that you do not have to fear using this type of oil in your food.

How To Tell The Quality Of your Olive OilExtra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits and Advantages of Using it

The best way to determine if you are holding a high-quality bottle of extra virgin olive oil in your hands is by looking at the color of the oil. The color of high-quality olive oil should be either deep gold, green, or vibrant yellow.

Another way to test the quality of your olive oil is by doing a taste test. You are looking for an intense yet not overpowering flavor in top-notch olive oil. Some olive oils can have a spicy taste, and some may also have a floral taste profile.


There are many ways you can add olive oil to your daily cooking. Whether you choose to add it to your salad dressings or drizzle it on top of your food, olive oil can level up the taste profile of your cooking. Take note that you don’t have to be a Michelin star chef to be able to confidently use olive oil when you cook.

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