5 Useful Tips on How to Keep Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh

5 Useful Tips on How to Keep Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh

If you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen, then you know how essential olive oil is as part of your cooking. Despite how expensive it is compared to other kinds of oils, there’s nothing quite like using extra virgin olive oil to improve your dishes and personal recipes!

However, when you don’t use your olive oil and you wish to store it for later use, it’s crucial to put it away correctly to guarantee you can maintain its excellent condition. The gourmet olive oil you use should remain fresh and ready for your next use.

Keep in mind that when you open a bottle of olive oil, you should use it within the next three to six months to make the most out of it. You should also keep it away from direct light and warm temperatures and avoid exposing it to oxygen during storage.

5 Useful Tips on How to Keep Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh

To give you an even better idea, keep reading below to find out some more ways on how to keep extra virgin olive oil fresh longer.

1. Check the Olive Oil’s Harvest Date

The first and most simple way on how to keep extra virgin olive oil fresh is to buy it fresh! Every time you drop by the grocery store to purchase olive oil, you should never forget to look at the harvest date indicated on the bottle. If it doesn’t have it, the manufacturer could be producing olive oil that’s several years old!

You should locate the harvest date on the back label of the bottles, along with the best before date for consuming the oil.

2. Store Olive Oil Away from the Sun

When storing your olive oil bottles, the area you decide to place them in should be free from direct sunlight. As much as possible, you should keep them in a dark storage place, such as your cupboard or kitchen cabinet. Never put your olive oil next to a window because the ultraviolet rays the sun emits can ultimately ruin the oil!

3. Avoid Leaving Olive Oil Near a Heat Source

Similar to storing your olive oil containers away from the sun, you should also refrain from placing them right beside any kind of heat sources, such as an oven or stove. Unfortunately, olive oil can experience damage if you leave it next to a source of heat over time.

After each use, remember to keep it in a cool and dark location to maintain its freshness.

4. Don’t Expose the Olive Oil to Air

When you accidentally leave your bottle of olive oil open, or you fail to close its lid completely, air can end up affecting its quality once it makes its way inside the bottle. After opening a new bottle, you should try to consume the bottle’s contents as soon as you can. If you need to store it for later use, you could transfer the oil to smaller bottles or containers to prevent oxygen from degrading its value!

5. Never Store Your Olive Oil in the Refrigerator

A simple and common mistake to make is to store your extra virgin olive oil in the refrigerator thinking it will help to preserve the oil’s freshness for long-term applications. In fact, olive oil is best kept at a stable room temperature to prevent it from breaking down due to the fluctuation in temperature inside and outside of your fridge.

So, how to keep extra virgin olive oil fresh? Avoid temperature changes at all costs–that means no refrigeration in order to get the most time and use out of your oil.


Now that you know how to keep extra virgin olive oil fresh longer, you don’t have to worry about losing its value anytime soon, especially if you plan to keep using it for the next few months. When purchasing olive oil, don’t forget to check its harvest date, store it away from heat and sunlight, prevent oxygen from affecting it, and place it in the refrigerator for long-term use.

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