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Organic Olive Oil: Is It Better?

It is certainly possible and indeed desirable to produce certified organic olive oil that is at once high quality and reasonably priced.

It should be emphasized that the US government makes no comment and takes no position whatsoever as to the relative benefits or harm that organic products may possess. The official US government position is that the primary benefit is to the producer or seller as a MARKETING TOOL.

The major cost differential to produce certified organic olive oil, as opposed to organic olive oil, is the substantial cost of certification. Most small farmers and producers cannot afford to pay the thousands of dollars that it costs to become certified. All other costs and practices are the same.

Most producers of organic olives opt to harvest their fruit late in order to get the maximum yield. Since most consumers of organic olive oil choose organic for considerations other than taste, producers are not under the same pressure they might otherwise be in a more epicurean or taste driven market. These factors make it difficult to find high-quality, reasonably priced, certified organic olive oil.

This article has been republished with permission from Delizia.

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