2 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil

2 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil

One essential ingredient that chefs swear by to help enhance the taste of your dishes is olive oil. The ingredient is super versatile with many ways to enjoy olive oil with your favorite foods. You can use it as cooking oil or as part of your recipe to combine the flavors and spices of specific types of food, such as sweet and savory dishes. In fact, it also has numerous health-boosting properties, so applying it abundantly to your cooking can produce positive results.

How to Use Olive Oil

You can use olive oil uncooked or cooked at low to medium temperatures below 375 degrees Fahrenheit, as higher heat can destroy the healthy compounds contained within it. Beyond that, heating olive oil at higher temperatures may cause it to end up losing flavor—thus ruining the recipe. As such, when it comes to frying, you’re better off using olive oil-grade oils and refined oils.

You can add olive oil to place more depth and texture to your dishes, boosting their flavor and balancing their spices. Besides that, olive oil works to neutralize the acidity of other ingredients, such as lemon juice, vinegar, tomatoes, and wine, by matching the oil with the rest of the flavors of your recipe.

Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil with Your Favorite Foods

Keep reading below to learn about ways to enjoy olive oil to enhance your meals:

1. For Savory Dishes

You can use the oil to sprinkle it all over various vegetable platters and pasta recipes or combine it with your salad dressing or just drizzle it over the salad itself. When you’re serving baked or mashed potatoes, you can skip the butter and use the oil as a replacement. Also, you can mix olive oil with roasted garlic and cooked potatoes to level up your potato recipes as well.

If you’re in the mood to create a scrumptious appetizer, you can grab slices of baguette and rub them with some fresh garlic before sprinkling olive oil over them. What’s great about it is the recipe will only take several minutes—perfect if you’re always in a rush!

2. For Dips and Sauces

You can pour some olive oil at the end of your cooking to offer more flavor. You can use it as a healthier alternative for butter or margarine and make it into a dip for your bread. To enhance the taste, add balsamic vinegar for more tang and appeal.

If you want to improve your dip, use a food processor and put together olive oil, garlic, cooked white beans, and some herbs of your choice. You can also mix the oil with sauces and marinades for savory dishes that include vegetables, fish, and other meat.

When you want to enhance your sauces, you can incorporate olive oil in place of certain ingredients. Remember that it’s essential to combine the oil with the other elements seamlessly, so you should whisk them or emulsify your oil with your other watery ingredients properly.


By now, you should have a better understanding of the ways to enjoy olive oil. In general, olive oil works to increase the taste of your dishes to satisfy your palate. With olive oil’s health benefits and powerful antioxidants, people consider it a vital superfood containing healthy fat! By utilizing it in your cooking, you’re sure to create a dish that’s not only delicious but incredibly healthy too!

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