Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Source and Quality Matter – 3 Tips to Avoid Low-Quality Oils

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Source and Quality Matter –
3 Tips to Avoid Low-Quality Oils

Why Olive Oil Source and Quality Matter

Not all olive oil is created equal. Lower quality oils can actually serve to slow healthy progress goals. Simply buying a bottle because it’s more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting higher quality either.

Dr. Gundry, MD, a pediatric heart surgeon from Palm Springs, CA, explains that olive oil quality cannot always be determined by the price, the “best by” date, or the country of origin. With the growing popularity of the Mediterranean diet and other dietary regimens that include plentiful servings of extra virgin olive oil, it’s important to understand what the health benefits are and when they occur. The healthy fats and antioxidants that naturally occur in extra-virgin olive oil can boost your immune system and aid in cardiac health. These nutrients are not found in lower quality olive oils, however.

What exactly makes an olive oil lower quality? Well, there are many factors at play when it comes to cultivating a high-quality product. Much like wine grapes, olives used in making extra virgin olive oil require the right growing conditions. Where the olives are grown, how they are tended, and how they are harvested can all contribute to the quality of olive oil, and that’s before the process of creating the oil begins.

In 2016, a 60-Minutes investigation into olive oils found on traditional grocery store shelves discovered that many bottles claiming to be authentic Italian extra-virgin olive oil were in fact, not extra-virgin at all. The labeling of olive oils as “extra-virgin” refers to the pressing of olives with minimal processing and containing no additives.

The investigation determined that in some cases, the bottles labeled as extra-virgin olive oil were in fact a mixture of Italian extra-virgin olive oil and lesser quality oils, or in some cases, not olive oil at all, but was instead a seed oil like sunflower.

So what should you look for to determine a high-quality extra-virgin oil from its lesser quality counter-part? Now that you understand why extra virgin olive oil source and quality matter, let’s take a look at ways you can determine quality.

How to avoid low-quality extra virgin olive oil

Our tips below are designed to help you determine where you can find high-quality olive oil. Because when it comes to healthy nutrients, extra virgin olive oil source and quality matter.

1. Shop local

Local and specialty stores that carry extra-virgin olive oil are more likely to have a close connection with suppliers with a reputation for high-quality. The Olive Bar sources only the highest quality products with no additives and minimal processing.

2. Learn more about the product

The benefit of shopping small or local is that you have the benefit of knowledgeable staff that is invested and informed about the products they carry. Want to learn more about a specific product? Ask away, our team at The Olive Bar love to talk olive!

3. Verify freshness

Another advantage of purchasing extra-virgin olive oil from a local specialty store is the guarantee of freshness. Receiving, bottling, and stocking of products at The Olive Bar is completed by one team and ensures proper tracking of freshness so you bring home a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil at the ideal time to enjoy.

Concluding Notesextra virgin olive oil source and quality matter

Dr. Gundry says that he believes that organic extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. He even recommends consuming up to a liter per week! After learning more about the benefits of genuine extra-virgin olive oil you can see why. The versatility of olive oil paired with the natural health benefits makes enjoying the oil a no-brainer. Hopefully now, with the advice of Dr. Gundry and our tips for avoiding low-quality oils, you understand why extra virgin olive oil source and quality matter, and you can shop with confidence knowing you are using only the best extra-virgin olive oil.

The Olive Bar carries high-quality and authentic extra-virgin olive oil from around the world. We’re located in the fun and vibrant Downtown Campbell, CA., and open seven days a week.

Visit us in-store for free tastings of amazing olive oils and balsamic vinegar or order online from our webshop. We offer a variety of shipping options as well as free in-store pickup! Shop with us today.

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